Almost nothing makes me feel more awesome than building something that seems like it was meant to be put together by a boy. This could be anything from a bed frame to a bookshelf from Ikea…to the vacuum cleaner that I assembled this morning. I was able to take a bunch of random parts from a box, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS (this is what separates me from my husband in endeavors like this), and vacuum my bedroom within fifteen minutes of starting this little project.

Now, I am not someone who folds to the men when things like this need to be done, so don’t jump down my throat with some pro-feminist information. I certainly don’t feel that men are better able to do things like assemble furniture and use power tools. However, in traditional society, things like this were often left to the men. And I grew up in a pretty traditional household, so my dad was often in charge of this stuff.

Our vacuum cleaner stopped working about two weeks ago (Related: it also started smelling like it was going to burn the house down anytime I turned it on.). Our dog is a long-haired black Lab mix, and it is summer. He is losing fur like nobody’s business, and my carpet was not looking pretty. However, I am procrastinator, and while I planned to get the vacuum to a repair shop (because it is a pretty nice one, and I love the way it works when it’s not trying to become a fire hazard), I never quite made it there.

When it became apparent to me that I probably was not going to make it there anytime soon, I decided to go to Target to get a replacement. I still hold out hope that I will get my nice vacuum repaired someday, but for now, I brought home a $40 Dirt Devil upright, figuring if it worked well, it was only $40! If it was awful, it was only $40! I am happy to report that it worked well, the dog hair has been diminished, and my faith in the 427 reviewers of this item on Target’s webpage (a 4.5 star rating!) was well-founded.

Anyway have some bookshelves to put together? Then I’m your girl!


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