I am a bona fide TV nut…


Yesterday, September arrived in my world, and that means that the TV Addicts September season premiere calendar that I lovingly placed in my bookmarks bar back when it was published so that it could be consulted at a moment’s notice will soon come into play as we leave the shows of summer behind and head into the main event of the television year.

Now, I have to say that I love how networks (mostly TNT and USA, although ABC is getting in there as well) have these shorter summer seasons with new shows to break up the monotony of rerun season. This summer, my DVR line-up was almost as involved as it is during the “school year.” On TNT, I watched HawthoRNe, and on USA, I watched Necessary Roughness, Suits, White Collar, and Royal Pains. I also watched The Challenge on MTV and SYTYCD on Fox, as well as my new favorite summer show Rookie Blue on ABC. It was a BUSY summer, y’all. I was very fulfilled TV-wise.

Now, I look ahead to the fall season, sad that some shows are going to be ending for now (mostly Rookie Blue and Necessary Roughness, honestly) but looking forward to what’s ahead. I am a HUGE fan of Law and Order: SVU. Like a H!U!G!E!, this-show-is-all-encompassing-and-I-think-about-it-a-lot, I-hang-out-on-fan-sites-and-follow-people-involved-with-the-show-on-Twitter kind of fan. And this season, Christopher Meloni, who is one half of the Stabler and Benson duo that MADE the show for me, will not be back on the show. As you may be able to imagine, there was a lot of backlash to that news on said fan sites (and Twitter, for that matter). But now, the dust is starting to settle, and SVU has a new showrunner who appears to be Pure Awesome, and the previews are coming out on NBC and on their website, and DUDE! This show looks like it is going to become amazing once again. I never thought I would look forward to an incarnation of this show that was missing half of the detective duo that was, in my mind, M.F.E.O. (Sleepless in Seattle reference for those who are playing along), but there it is. Change can be good. And let’s face it…Mariska Hargitay is AMAZING and will be able to sink her chops into what has become a meatier role for her with no problems at all.

So there’s my freak flag, flapping in the breeze. And SVU is not the only show I feel, um, strongly about. I am a big fan of The Good Wife, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and, starring as my newest obsession, Castle. Oh, Castle, where have you been my whole life (at least for the last three years)? I will tell you where you have been. You have been hanging out on ABC, entertaining the masses, and having AWESOME episodes like the single best season finale of a show ever in the recent history of my mind, and I have not noticed you at all. And I am sorry. But I have caught on to you, and, well, my shipper heart that died a painful little death at the lost of Elliot Stabler has been born again watching Castle and Beckett’s non-relationship play out on my TV screen. This is probably the single most anticipated season premiere for me, and that is saying something because I just started watching this show via Netflix and Hulu Plus about a month ago.

Anyway, before you send the men in the white coats after me, I want to remind you that I have no children, and I only work three days per week. Therefore, I have time to devote to this TV obsession of mine, and although it may sound crazy, it is my crazy, and I am happy to own it. It takes all kinds, right?


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