Switching things up…


At my new Weight Watchers meeting last night (more about that in a bit), the topic for the week was getting back on track now that summer is over. My leader, Melissa, asked us who had not been on track for the summer, and of its own accord, my hand shot up into the air. She expressed a little bit of surprise, as she has seen me at meetings, but I had to confess that I have missed several weeks of meetings this summer, which is disappointing to me because one of my New Year’s resolutions was to attend a WW meeting every week. However, I have let a variety of things get in my way this summer, and the one excuse I most often had for skipping a meeting was that I knew I had gained weight, so I would just get back on track for the week and weigh in the next week. However, when you aren’t going to your meetings, it is really easy to stay off track, so I have been doing a lot of yoyo-ing this summer in the weight loss department.

I decided to start going to a new meeting because there is one in a location that is only five minutes from my house. I used to go to the main center for our area, which is about twenty minutes away, where they have meetings several times each week, but the local meeting, which is at a firehouse, meets just once a week, on Tuesday evenings. I was initially resistant to the idea of going to this one for a couple of reasons. First of all, the meeting is at night, and any woman out there knows that we weigh the least in the morning. Depending on what time of month it is, I can fluctuate up to five pounds between when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed at night. Secondly, I have always had my WW week start on Sunday, which allowed me to save up my weekly points allowance and “blow it” (and some of its friends, quite honestly) on Friday and Saturday, with a new start on Sunday. I could squeak that plan in when I weighed in on Friday mornings, but knowing that it will work better for me for my week to go from weigh-in to weigh-in (so Tuesday to Tuesday) means I will have to switch things up a bit and give up my Sunday restart. As a matter of fact, this will probably work better for me, as it will take away that weekend-funtime-SQUEEEEEEEE! attitude I have had going on, but it’s still hard to make that change in my mind. However, I decided to follow another piece of advice I have heard out there, which is to start changing things up when the program becomes too routine for you. And I have to admit that when I started WW last November, I had some major enthusiasm for the program that has been lacking as of late. And in the words of many of my leaders, if you kind of do it, it kind of works, but if you really do it, it really works. I decided making this change was just what I needed to start really doing it again so it can really work.

Anyone who has spent a long time going to WW meetings will tell you that the leader and the group can really make or break the meeting. I am fortunate that at the main center, I have never attended a meeting with a leader that I did not find to be excellent. I have heard of centers where people don’t have leaders that they really click with, but at the center I go to, they are all awesome. The level of enthusiasm they have, their sense of humor, their ability to lead a great discussion, and their real-world experience with WW (and willingness to share their stories over and over again) means that every meeting I have attended has been a good one. I am fortunate that the meeting so close to my house is led by one of these amazing women because it makes it much easier to head out on a rainy (RAINY! SO RAINY that I had to carry an UMBRELLA, which I just don’t do) Tuesday night to a location that I had never been before (I arrived early to scope out the people arriving to see what entrance they would use) for a weigh in. As we head into the bad weather, I expect to have more success getting to this location each week than to the big one, and I am able to schedule my work week so I don’t ever work Tuesdays, so this change for me will be a good one.

Anyway, I am going to treat my WW journey as if it has just started, regaining my enthusiasm, following the program, and looking forward to great results. I have been kind of doing it, and it’s kind of been working, but I know that if I really do it, it will really work. Make it a great day, everyone!


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