If you really do it…


When last I wrote about Weight Watchers, I had just switched into a Tuesday night meeting in an attempt to get rid of my Weekend o’ Fun feeling, which happened when I left my Friday morning meetings and forgot about tracking anything on Friday or Saturday because I would just use my weekly points then. Well, the weekly points are not a bottomless pit, and they should also be tracked, and I was on the WW roller coaster of one pound up, 0.6 pounds down, 0.4 pounds up, I am going to punch myself in the face soon.

Last Tuesday, at my second local meeting, I lost 0.4 pounds. I won’t lie…I was a little disappointed. I tracked religiously, didn’t use all my extra points, and got in most of my good health guidelines (GHG) every day. However, I chose to pay attention to my non-scale victories (NSVs), like the fact that I tracked every damn thing that went into my mouth for the first entire week in, well, a LONG time. I didn’t go home from the meeting and drown my sorrows in a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. I went home, ate my dinner and went to bed, and I got up the next day and continued tracking.

This past Tuesday, all of this paid off, as I showed a THREE POUND weight loss on the scale. I spell that out because I believe that may be the most I have lost at a single meeting, save perhaps the second meeting I attended in December, which included my first WW Points Plus weigh-in. To say I was thrilled is an understatement. At this meeting, I was able to celebrate three straight weeks of weight loss, for a total of four pounds in three weeks, and I also celebrated (in my head because some of my weight loss happened before I joined WW) SIXTY-SEVEN pounds of weight loss. On January 2, 2010, when I started my weight loss efforts, my BMI was 43.1, which is WELL over the morbidly obese level. Today, my BMI is 32.9…which means I am still obese, but I am creeping up on being just an overweight person every day. And my BMI has officially gone down over TEN POINTS, which is huge.

I have to admit that this has almost been like trying WW again for the first time. Really paying attention to what I am eating and tracking it and staying within my points ranges both for the day and for the week has allowed me to have plenty of good food that I would have considered a “cheat” in the past. In the past three weeks, I have had cake no less than three times (and by cake I mean good bakery cake with buttercream icing, not a WW snack cake or sugar free Tastycake), I have eaten out several times, and I have even enjoyed a little bit of fast food. I have not felt deprived, I have not felt hungry, and I have not felt like I was on a diet.

Anyway, I am excited for this program again and am looking forward to seeing what the rest of my first year on Points Plus brings. I would love to be down another ten pounds by the time I celebrate my one-year mark, but that’s a flexible goal, as I want to plan for real life as well.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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