Let’s pretend I actually post here on occasion…


This is going to be a random post in the middle of a rather neglected blog, but I went and saw the Indigo Girls in concert last night, and I want to record the experience while the details are still fresh in my mind. Eventually, I will get back to the weight loss aspect of this blog, probably when I hit the point where I am not up-two-down-one-up-one-down-two on the scale. I am standing at 69 pounds lost as of my weigh in on Tuesday, and if I can nudge the scale in the downward direction again next week, I might hit a total of 70 pounds lost. And then my head might explode from the excitement. So, you know, stay tuned!

Anyway, I first heard of the Indigo Girls during the summer of 1995, when I was working at Camp Mosey Wood (a Girl Scout camp, as I have mentioned before). And I was RESISTANT to the Indigo Girls. EVERYONE was talking about them, and as I have been known to do, I developed a mental block against them (I did the same thing with the Twilight books, Harry Potter, Grey’s Anatomy, and Castle, all of which are things I LOVE now…well, except for Twilight, which I am kind of over, although I do still go to the movies). However, when I went back to school that fall, my roommate had also discovered the Indigo Girls, so I put on a cheery, “Oh, yeah, I love them!” face and listened along with her.

So that was life-changing. Amy Ray and Emily Saliers had a lot to say, and everything they had to say spoke to me. I was always more of an Emily girl, although Amy’s newer stuff sounds less tough to me, and I am liking it more and more. However, songs like “Love Will Come to You,” “Ghost,” “Watershed,” and “Power of Two” are the foundation on which my fandom was built. In fact, “Power of Two” was the final song played at my wedding reception and is the song that my husband and I have long identified as “our” song.

I have seen the Indigo Girls five times in concert, the first being May 30, 1997, and the fifth being last night. And last night’s concert was AMAZING. They played some old favorites, like “Power of Two,” “Kid Fears,” “Get Out the Map,” and “Shame on You.” They played my favorite songs from their newest album, “Share the Moon” and “Beauty Queen Sister” (I just purchased this album this week, however, so I am sure I will soon add a few more favorites to my list). And, most importantly, they engaged the audience quite a bit, which is something that was sometimes missing from larger concert venues in which I have seen them but was entirely possible at the Allentown Symphony Hall. We did have to sit in the section with the annoying drunk people (OF COURSE WE DID.), but they eventually moved most of their annoying drunkenness to the outside aisle, which made it a little more tolerable.

And last night’s concert also marked the fifth time I have see the Indigo Girls with my friend Georgann, who, I am sad to say, I had last seen prior to last night at my wedding reception over FIVE YEARS AGO! My sister also went along, and we ran into some other friends there as well, and it was just an awesome night of fun. I can’t wait until the Girls swing back through this area because I will drop almost anything to go see them in concert. Sixteen years later, my fandom blood still runs true and I still go back to the lyrics of Amy and Emily to see me through many a day. Here’s to (at least) sixteen more years of new music from the Indigo Girls! And here’s to their old music, old friends, every song.


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