Tales from the treadmill…


I just got back from the gym, so I am past that, “Oh, my God, I might die right here on this treadmill while watching the Today show,” feeling and well into the, “I am amazing! I feel so good! Albeit sweaty!” high. I ran (and walked) 2.77 miles in 40 minutes, including a 5 minute cool-down, and it was my fastest average pace yet of 14.26 minutes per mile. Soon, I will begin passing the tortoise that is wandering down the road.

Haha! I kid! I am proud of that pace because when I first attempting C25K, which was nigh on 40 pounds ago, I was doing the walking portions of the program at 3.2 MPH and the running portions at 4.2 MPH (or thereabouts…this is to the best of my recollection). Now, I walk at 4 MPH and run at 5 MPH, and that is something I am proud of.

In my gym, there are two rows of treadmills. One row faces the windows, and the other faces a wall of mirrors. Each treadmill has a TV in front of it, hung from the ceiling, and the TVs are arranged so they are also visible from the other pieces of cardio equipment in the gym. I was on a treadmill that didn’t have anyone else watching “its” TV. It also happened to be one in front of the mirror. I alternate back and forth between the window treadmills and the mirror treadmills, but this morning, the autumn sun making its way up into the sky made the window treadmills prohibitive for someone of my height, so the mirrors it was.

When I got dressed this morning, instead of pulling on one of my enormous, I-have-owned-this-since-I-weighed-a-lot-more-than-I-do-now t-shirts, I grabbed one of the cute workout tanks that I have in my workout clothes drawer (Yes, I have a workout clothes drawer. Yes, I do see the irony in that.). I pulled it on over my two sports bras and my cropped running tights (It’s important to dress the part you know.), threw on a hoodie over the whole ensemble (It was 36 degrees when I left my house this morning.), and headed out the door.

When I got to the gym, I was pleased to see that it was pretty empty because when I pulled into the parking lot, I started worrying about my choice of exercise wear this morning. However, I marched into the gym, chose my treadmill, took off my hoodie, climbed on, and started my workout. I am happy to say that no one pointed and/or laughed. I have to say that I go to a pretty all-body-types-and-all-ages gym, and I actually don’t ever worry that I am going to get the side-eye there, although I did once give the side-eye to someone who was easily fifty years old and using the elliptical while wearing a sheer lace blouse and a black bra…I kid you not. But for the most part, people mind their own business and let you do your thing, which is nice.

Out from under the cover of the enormous t-shirt, I was able to really check out my form. I have to say that I was pretty okay with it. I am not a heel-striker, which makes me happy to see because I have heard of people having to break themselves of that habit. I hold my shoulders in a relaxed fashion, and I keep my hands relaxed. I stay nice and upright. However, even with two sports bras, my chest kind of does its own thing, bouncing, bouncing, and bouncing. It actually was almost comical to see. I have lost two cup sizes in my bra since I started my weight loss journey, but the girls are still there, and they were having a lovely time this morning!

Anyway, to sum it all up, hit the treadmill this morning, treadmill didn’t hit me back, third trip to the gym this week, planning another run for tomorrow, and planning to increase my run intervals next week. Onward!

Make it a great day, everyone!


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