Weather girl…


Last weekend, we had a freak October snowstorm. At my home, about ten inches of snow fell, with a bit less near my parents’ (and my workplace), which is just south of here. I was at work, and since I have severe weather-related anxiety (winter in the mountains is fun, y’all), I made plans to stay at my parents’ house for the night after I was done working. I drive a Subaru, but sometimes, even though I have AWD, my dad very kindly picks me up at work and takes me back the next morning. This time, I decided to be brave and do the driving on my own.

When my coworkers were coming in for night shift, I grilled every person who walked in the door. How were the roads? Which way did you come? Did you slide at all? Did your ABS kick in? Our hospital is located in an area called Fountain Hill, so you have to get off the Hill to get to the more level roads that lead to the rest of the city and then eventually to the Township, where my parents’ live (Incidentally, the way that Pennsylvania designates their different geographical areas could be a post in and of itself, actually.). My big stress everytime is how to get off the Hill. One of the streets has a more gradual slope but more traffic. The other, which is the one I usually choose (and chose this time), has a steeper grade, but it’s generally less busy.

The trip was complicated by the face that the power was out throughout most of the city. My parents had power in the Township, and my husband had power up here on our mountain (which was shocking to me, but who am I to question it?). However, once I left the hospital, every traffic light I went through was out. In Pennsylvania, traffic lights that are not operating are treated, by law, as a four-way stop. However, you have to make that leap of faith that the rest of the travelers out there know that as well (And they don’t. I saw many people just breeze on through as if they had no idea of this law.). However, I made it to my parents’ without a problem, and I made it back to work the next day (the nice thing about October snowstorms is that the melting is pretty quick), and I even made it home Sunday night. And the snow has almost all melted, and I can almost pretend like it never happened.

The people who just got their power back yesterday? Or the ones who haven’t gotten their power back yet? They are still in the thick of things. However, let’s hope the next time it snows, the leaves will be off the trees and the limbs won’t come crashing down and take our power lines with them. Winter is already a big season of anxiety for me. I don’t need any more help with that!


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