Hi, there. It’s me again…


I have been a more-than-once-a-day blog poster exactly, well, never, but all that is about to change. I am just going to call this morning’s post a make-up for yesterday, declare myself right back on the NaBloPoMo wagon, and give y’all more tales from the treadmill.

Last week, you may recall, I made it to the gym FOUR times, and I ran (and walked) every time. I was doing 1 minute of running at 5 MPH and 2 minutes of walking at 4 MPH. In my made up version of a C25K-esque routine, that was week one, and today started week two. That meant that when I went to the gym today, it was time to reset my interval timer app on my iPhone to time longer run intervals for today’s workout. I set the run intervals for 1.5 minutes and kept the walk intervals at 2 minutes, set the app to do nine sets of said intervals, and headed off to the gym.

I discovered something exciting as I was climbing on the treadmill. I was able to set Pandora to play my favorite workout station (80s Cardio Radio…it rocks!) while still being able to hear the cues on my interval timer to transition between running and walking. This was huge, as I would rather work out to this kind of music than my music library, which runs toward the country-music-mixed-with-Indigo-Girl-and-Dar-Williams station. Feeling rather pleased with myself, I got on a treadmill, set the TV in front of me to The View, and got to work.

The first few intervals went as planned. As I was finishing up my first interval of running, I was telling myself, “If you can run for a minute and a half now, you can certainly do so for the next eight intervals.” I looked fine in the mirror, not at all flail-y or anything. The two minutes were perfect for recovery at this stage of the game because I was completely ready to speed up when the walk intervals were over. I felt good.

And then something odd happened. I glanced down at my iPhone to see I had about 1:15 left of my walk interval, so I turned my eyes back to the TV and kept reading the closed captioning. And then suddenly, I heard the “ding” that meant it was time to run. Okay, no problem. I must have gotten really engrossed in what was going on on the show because that time went pretty quickly, but I could certainly run. So I ran.

The next time, I must have also gotten really engrossed in the show because again those two minutes seemed a lot shorter than they had earlier in my run. But no problem…ready to run. A little winded…but ready to run.

And the next time, I was looking at the interval timer and saw that I had about a minute left to walk. I was feeling kind of tired, but I was well over halfway done with my workout, and I was still feeling good. Oh, 40 seconds of walking left…feeling better. 35 seconds left…even better. 30 seconds…DING!

My interval timer was ending my walking intervals at 1.5 minutes! I wasn’t suddenly so enthralled with what Whoopi had to say that I lost track of time! I was being cheated out of 30 seconds of each walking (aka RECOVERY) interval!

Now that I knew this was happening, I didn’t know what to do for the last couple of intervals. Did I continue following the interval timer? Did I do what I originally meant to do and walk for two minutes? Decisions, decisions.

I decided to go with the interval timer. For probably 2/3 of this workout, I did 1.5 minutes of running and 1.5 minutes of walking, instead of the 1.5 minutes of running and 2 minutes of walking I meant to do. I am feeling pretty good about this, although I do plan to go back to the original plan (as long as I can get my interval timer to go along with that plan) tomorrow. And then next week, I will be plenty ready (I believe) to move on to two minutes of running and two minutes of walking.

Off to shower and then to VOTE! Make it a great day, everyone!


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