Those people who follow the current Weight Watchers program know that there were some changes introduced this week, and the Points Plus program has been renamed Points Plus 2012. I went last night to a Weight Watchers meeting that is not at my usual location but is run by my usual (awesome) leader, as my usual location is closed for two weeks, and I got my new materials and heard a little bit about what was going on. Honestly, for me, things didn’t change much. Because I was not yet at the lowest level of daily P+, my daily goal stayed the same at 32 P+. The 49 weekly P+ stayed the same, and the values for the different foods didn’t change. There were some people who “lost” Points on the new program, as the minimum number daily went down from 29 to 26. Therefore, those people who are close to their goal, at goal, or on maintenance were probably affected. However, I am still at least 30 pounds (and maybe even up to 45 pounds) away from goal, so I stayed the same.

Something interesting to me that we didn’t really address much last night (although I am sure it is a future topic) is the Activity Points “requirement” that has been introduced. I am an eTools subscriber, so I got a little sneak peek of the new information before I made it to a meeting, and I was able to take a little quiz that told me that I should be aiming for at least 14 AP+ each week. At my current weight, I get about 1 AP+ for every ten minutes of moderate exercise I do. Therefore, this means that I should be aiming for, at minimum, 140 minutes of moderate exercise each week. I was easily able to do this already this week by using the elliptical at the gym for 40 minutes on Tuesday, 50 minutes on Wednesday, and 50 minutes today. I am reading Stephen King’s new book 11/22/63, and I am TOTALLY OBSESSED with it (and I am not traditionally a SK fan), so that time has been flying by. I am reading it on my Nook, and it’s a free copy I got as a Klout Perk, so that right there is full of WIN!

Once you reach your goal weight and head into maintenance (and eventually to lifetime status), the AP+ requirement increases pretty dramatically. Melissa mentioned, as an example of what the number for such a person might be, 25 AP+, which is a good amount of physical activity. Now, as I head more into the world of running, I expect to be completing more intense workouts (for example, I would not call my exertion when running “moderate,” so I would expect to earn more like 2 AP+ for every 10-15 minutes of intense activity), which will make it easier once I get there, but it still is going to be a lot of time spent exercising!

Of course, you can earn AP+ for things other than organized exercise. There are values assigned to everything from housecleaning to wandering the mall to doing household projects to playing active video games. However, I prefer not to count on everyday activities like that to meet my activity goals, so I will be ramping up the exercise!

All in all, I am excited about the changes I am seeing because it lends even more to Weight Watchers status as an A+ eating plan for living healthy, losing weight, and maintaining a healthy weight. I do believe that the majority of weight loss is what you eat, but it’s important for health to be physically active as well. I look forward to seeing where Points Plus 2012 takes me!

Make it a great day, everyone!


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