Oh, 2011…what to say about you?


Funny New Year's Ecard: Let's never speak of 2011 again.

So here it is New Year’s Eve, a time to look back on what has gone on in the last year and look forward to what is happening in the new one. Well, to 2011, I say this: GOOD. RIDDANCE. This has been a challenging, challenging year. Without going into much detail, a close family member of mine went through a very challenging (and sometimes scary) health situation, and my entire family was changed as a result. We have come out the other side, for the most part, and the future looks just fine, but the second half of 2011 sucked donkey balls, which is why I can’t even remember what the first half of 2011 was like. I just know that I am HAPPY to leave it behind.

My resolutions last year were, as for the past few years, to continue getting my shit together. This occurs in two main areas of my life, physical health and financial health, with a couple of other goals tossed in to flavor the pot a bit. Physically, I am (or was before my holiday weight gain) about thirty pounds lighter than I was at the beginning of the year, so that is some progress. I worked on running toward the end of the year and even ran a mile a handful of times, but I have slacked on that. Financially, I did pay off one of my major credit cards this month, which was a nice feeling, but I still have more out there awaiting repayment. I have my budget set up for the new year with some wiggle room in it for fun, and it still allows for some major debt repayment and savings, which is really what I need. I have to remember that a sound financial future is more important than a bunch of random crap from Target or an expensive fast food habit or any of the other piddly shit I seem to throw away money on.

With the various Bad Things that happened this year, I have really been fortunate to realize that I have some amazing, amazing friends, both in real life and in my computer, and although I already knew these people as friends, I really didn’t realize how much they would be there for me when I really needed them to be. I think adult friendships are one of those things where you know that you are surrounding yourself with people you love, and when times are good, you enjoy each other’s company, but you just don’t ever think of what will happen when times are not so good. Well, a couple of times this year, when times were not so good, these people that I surround myself with really showed me a lot of kindness and compassion and loyalty and friendship, and I find myself for the first time in my adult life really realizing that I have those friends that, if I needed to call them in the middle of the night, I could, and they would not only answer the phone, but they would move mountains to help me with whatever I needed. This is the kind of friend I try to be to people, but it is rare to have someone have to demonstrate this to you in return. In more than one way, my friends have demonstrated this to me over and over again this year, and I am so, so grateful to them for this.

This is going to be a big year for me, and I have a couple of goals in mind. The first is to reach my goal weight this year. I have about 40 pounds to go to reach the mythical number I have in my head, although I have only 30 pounds to go to reach a number at which I think I will be content. If I actually FOLLOW the Weight Watchers program, this goal is a no-brainer. I have to remember not to let stress send me right into the open arms of emotional eating however, and that is where the challenge lies.

My second goal is to be able to run a Turkey Trot 5K this year. This gives me 11 months to work my way up from running the occasional mile to being able to run a 5K without stopping. If I could haul my ass back to the gym, this would be also be a no-brainer. I just have to take the baby step of stepping back through that gym door.

My third goal is to end 2012 more financially sound that I started it. I am not in bad shape at all, especially considering this economy, but I could be more responsible about where my money goes. I have set up a budget that will allow for repayment of all credit card debt within three years, so at the end of 2012, I would like to be at least 1/3 of the way there. Having credit card debt hanging over your head is sort of mentally exhausting, and I can’t wait to have it gone.

I set a reading goal every year, and this year it was to read 111 books in 2011. Well, that was a big, fat FAIL, as I instead caught myself up on three long-running TV shows (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Castle) in their entirety, but I am okay with the fact that I didn’t meet that goal because, man, that McDreamy is pretty awesome, and his pal McSteamy is not so bad either! This year, I am just going to aim for fifty books and readjust as I go along.

And my final goal for the year is to make sure that the people who mean the most to me know it. I have not always been great at expressing to people my appreciation for all they do for me. However, I want to be more transparent in that respect because I have a great family and a great family of friends, and I want these amazing people to know they mean the world to me. And this means you! Thanks for reading my random, occasional ramblings and joining me on this ride.

Make it a great YEAR, everyone!


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  1. Mary, if you find a 5K you want to do, let me know. I can try to arrange to come up to the Lehigh Valley and run it with you. It is a GREAT sense of accomplishment to run your first race!

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