Friday Five


A lot of my friends employ the Friday Five structure to their blogs, and I was thinking of trying it out this year as a method for attempting to post at least once each week. Now, you know as well as I do that I will not be posting to this blog every week. I am not even going to try to fool myself. However, this is the first Friday of 2012, and I would at least like for you to admit that my intentions are good. Without further ado…

1. This winter weather is the kind of winter weather that I can really get behind. It is about 50 degrees out there today (IN PENNSYLVANIA!), and there is no snow on the ground, and this is doing a great job of keeping my seasonal sadness in check. If it would continue not to snow all winter, I would happily worship at the altar of global warming (JUST KIDDING! I know that climate change is not the ideal situation to be in, but I am selfish, and I just don’t want it to snow.).

2. I have been spending a decent amount of time home alone with my dog, and I just love him so much. He always is happy to see me, even if I am just coming out of the bathroom, and he is always ready to follow me anywhere, even if it is just from the kitchen to the living room. I am not sure what I do to inspire such devotion, but I hope I can someday be the person my dog seems to think I am.

3. NEW EPISODES OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS ARE BACK ON MY TV! I watched last night’s Grey’s Anatomy this morning, and it basically yanked my heart out and stomped it flat and now I am blogging from the Great Beyond. I am so happy to be back in a place where I love this show, and I really don’t know that there is anything that Crazy Shonda could do to ruin this season for me (ALTHOUGH SHE WILL TRY). I am most looking forward to watching an all new episode of Castle on Monday because sometime last year, when I wasn’t really paying attention, this became my favorite show, taking a place that was held for many years by Law and Order: SVU (although I don’t think my girl crush on Stana Katic has reached quite the depth of the one I have on Mariska Hargitay).

4. I have been reading Stephen King’s new book 11/22/63 for the past month or so, and I got about 500 pages in and had to take a break. Although this is not a horror story, it’s very twist-y and turn-y, and my brain was getting tired. I used a classic Sandra Brown book, Mirror Image, which was written in 1990 and is my favorite romance novel of all time, as a palette cleanser, and now I am ready to finish up this SK book and then maybe pick up another one. I might try The Green Mile next, on the advice of one of my Nesties.

5. And speaking of reading, I have not yet done my 2011 reading wrap-up post. I started 2011 with lofty goals, planning to read 111 book in 2011. Ha. At the end of the year, I tallied things up and realized that I read…45. Oh, the humanity. To my defense, I picked up several new shows on Hulu Plus and Netflix this year, so the first half of the year was spent playing catch up on those. And there wasn’t a huge series that grabbed me or anything, so I never got into a good groove. I am aiming for 50 books in 2012, as I don’t know where this year will take me, and I know this is a number I can achieve.

And that’s it! You may notice I have nothing to say about diet or exercise. I skipped Weight Watchers for two weeks and will be going back on Tuesday, so you will hear about that next week, I am sure.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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