Friday Five! And my first attempt at meal-planning…


I will save the meal-planning for #5.

1. This is my first paycheck of trying out the envelope method for budgeting my money, and I am working on looking at what I have planned this week and budgeting money for each item. So far, I have bowling today ($9.75), Weight Watchers on Tuesday (I have to rejoin after skipping three weeks, so I am guessing this will be $35), and a Thirty-One party on Thursday, at which I plan to buy a lunch bag ($35 plus tax/S&H). That will pretty much take care of my $100 of spending money for this week, which means I have to keep myself away from all my trigger locations (mainly Target, honestly) this week in order to avoid going over. I usually also grab lunch with my mom after bowling, so I will be spending some money on that today as well.

2. I am still working on reading the new Stephen King book 11/22/63, and to be honest, I haven’t read any of it in a week because I left my Nook in my car about a week ago. I should really retrieve that and get back to it because I only have about 150 pages to go and can’t wait to finish it so (A) I can find out what happens and (B) I can discuss it with the girls in my online book club.

3. Grey’s Anatomy. I love this show so, so much. I do agree with most people that there were seasons that were not as good as the early ones, but this season for me has been great, and the last two episodes have been AMAZING. I still have to suspend reality quite a bit because some of the medical stuff they have on there is totally unbelievable (mostly the neonatal stuff…I know what life is like in a NICU, and that is not it), but I love the characters, and I will follow them for as long as they are on TV.

4. I get a TON of sale notices sent to my email each day, and I am starting to think that I have to get myself off these mailing lists. I did stop getting notices from sites like Rue-La-La because the reality is that I am not in the market for even deeply discounted designer items right now, but I still get emails from all the Gap brands (and I find it hard to say no to them), LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, Harry and David. and quite honestly, the list goes on and on. In looking through my clothing, there is nothing I need right now. In fact, I won’t need anything until I am down another pants size, which is at least 20 pounds away. However, the call of the clearance sales is strong for me, so it is better that I just take that temptation away.

5. And now for the meal-planning. I actually went through my Pinterest boards to pick out three new recipes to try this week. I have joined up with some of my friends from The Nest Book Club to present a blog called Make It Pinteresting, and I am planning to detail these three new recipes on there at some point, as the point of the blog is to share pins that we have actually translated into real life. The three recipes I have chosen for the week are Pesto Orechiette with Chicken Italian Sausage, Braised Balsamic Chicken, and Crock Pot Chicken and Stuffing. I am planning to serve the first tonight and use the leftovers for the weekend. I also have some soup in my fridge that I can eat when the pasta runs out. On Tuesday, I plan to make the second recipe, which calls for six chicken breasts, so Wednesday will involve leftovers again. I plan to serve that over brown rice with green beans on the side. Thursday night I have the Thirty-One party, so I won’t be making dinner, and then Friday I will make the third recipe and serve it with peas. It’s been a long time since I made three new recipes in one week, but I am looking forward to it!

Make it a great day, everyone!


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  1. I love reading your blog! Is there a way I can sign up for an email so I can see when you update it? BTW, how does one get involved with an online book club???

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