Oh, hai…


I have started using the site 750 Words again this month, and that means that I have been doing enormous 750-word brain dumps on another (100% private) platform. Once I am done writing that stuff, I kind of lack the desire to click on the “New Post” click here and continue writing. For those who don’t know, 750 Words is a site that encourages you to write 750 words, all off the top of your head with no preconceived intention in mind, every day. This amount equates roughly to three typewritten, double-spaced pages. You can write about anything, but because it is a secure site (unlike a blog), I use it to vent about whatever happens to be on my mind. I like that it is basically like a diary, but I don’t have to worry about anyone finding it and reading things that I might not really want to speak out loud. There are also badges that you earn for things like writing a certain number of days in a row or writing without distractions, and I love to earn badges on any website, so I love that. And it also reports who fast of a typist you are, and I love trying to beat my best! I usually am in the 65-75 WPM range, which I find myself impressed with!

When last we spoke, I had given up wheat, and WOW! It has been a great decision! I feel great and am sleeping better than I had been, and I find myself not craving anything, which is not my norm at all. In fact, we had a party at work yesterday, and I even turned down the rich and decadent chocolate cake that someone had brought with no qualms whatsoever.  I definitely feel much more “even” without the wheat, and I am excited to see where this takes me. I did eat a lot yesterday, but I don’t know that I went over my allotted points and my weekly points combined, and I had not used any of my weekly points before yesterday, so one day is certainly not a problem.

I have also been exercising! I gave up my gym membership in the interest of saving money, so I have been pretty sloth-like lately. However, the weather has gotten much nicer (although, to be fair, the weather never got too bad this year, and this has been the BEST! WINTER! EVER! for this girl), and I got out of the house three times last week and went walking! I am aiming to do so three times at least this week, perhaps with a fourth time thrown in for good measure. I have hit up a couple of different parks/walking trails so far, but today, I am just going to take to the streets of my neighborhood and the surrounding area and see what I can do.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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