For the past week, I have been doing my new method of starting my Weight Watchers “day” with dinner the night before. So this means that whatever I eat for dinner is subtracted from my daily points plus total for the next day, and then everything I eat in the morning right up until dinner time comes out of the remaining points. It has really cut down on my night time snacking (as in, I have done NO night time snacking), and it has also kept me on track through a Thirty-One Gifts party (No wine! No desserts! No wheat!), as well as a formula company rep lunch at work (Lots of fruit! No wheat! Salad! My own balsamic as dressing, instead of the creamy Caesar dressing! No cannolis!). My cravings, thanks to my wheat-free eating, are practically zero, and I have not binged on food in over a week.

Last night, I went to Weight Watchers for my usual Tuesday night meeting. I weighed in with my leader Melissa, and I found out that I lost the four pounds that I had been up on the scale the previous week. She praised me for having a good week, and I immediately told her that it was just the four pounds I had been up the week before. Why must women invalidate themselves when faced with a compliment? I should have just said thank you. However, in the next breath, I told her how I had switched things up into something that was really working for me. I told her about how I was now tracking my points and how I had decided to do this based on some information in the Weekly from last week. Once the meeting started, she invited me to share this with the group, which I did gladly because I really think this could work for a lot of people. I am excited to see where this new way of tracking takes me. For the first time in a LONG time, I tracked faithfully all week, and I even ended the week with about 15 of my weekly points allowance left over. Usually, instead of that, I have one (or two!) days that I don’t track at all, and I assume that my weekly points are used on those days. However, not tracking means that I am certainly eating more than those weekly points on those days, and that is what leads to weight gainI certainly prefer to see the scale move in the other direction.

And now I continue on my journey to 200 pounds. My weight the past several weeks has been as follows:

  • 1/17/12 – 204.2 pounds
  • 1/24/12 – 202.2 pounds
  • 1/31/12 – 204.2 pounds
  • 2/10/12 – 203 pounds
  • 2/14/12 – 203 pounds
  • 2/21/12 – no weigh in
  • 2/28/12 – no weigh in
  • 3/6/12 – 205.2 pounds
  • 3/13/12 – 203 pounds
  • 3/20/12 – 207 pounds
  • 3/27/12 – 203 pounds

So, as you can see, that is basically 11 weeks of no progress at all. I had a brief shining moment 10 weeks ago when I was less than what I weigh now, and it did not last. I have hit 203 pounds three other times, and still I have not been able to make it consistently below that number. And my goal is to weight less than 200 pounds in time for my 36th birthday, which is coming up on April 29. I have four more weigh-ins before my birthday, and it should not be a problem to take off three pounds in four weeks. However, back on 1/24/12, when I weighed in at 202.2 pounds, I certainly didn’t think I would still be at this point ten weeks later.

Honestly, looking at the numbers laid out like that is kind of sobering. I have lost 72 pounds since January 2010, which is HUGE! However, we are facing the end of March here, and I can only claim 1.2 pounds of weight lost in the last two months. And I can really only blame myself for this fact. I know what the guidelines of the Weight Watchers program are. I know how to follow them. And I know that the plan works if I work the plan. However, I have clearly been off track for most of 2012, and that is why I don’t have much to show for my efforts. Yes, I have managed to maintain within a couple of pounds, but this is not my “happy place” weight-wise, and this is not a weight I want to maintain.

I am trying to keep myself in a mindful place, as I mentioned when I last wrote. I find myself thinking about my food as I am eating it, and I am trying not to multi-task all the time when I am eating. I don’t know that I have been successful on that frontier because I do still find myself eating in front of the TV or the computer or with my iPhone in my hand. Why is it so hard just to quiet my mind and concentrate on my meal? I would say that I am not doing the zombie-like eating that I have in the past as often, but I do still find my hand-to-mouth-with-no-real-thought-behind-it thing going on at times. I guess it is important just to recenter at those times and bring my thoughts back to the present and to what I am doing. I am planning to do some more reading surrounding this idea…just as soon as I finish the Nora Roberts trilogy that I am in the midst of!

Make it a great day, everyone!


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