Birthday Recap


Yesterday was my 36th birthday! Because it was a Sunday, I spent the day at work, but my wonderful coworkers helped me to have a nice day of celebration. We started out the day with bagels, and for lunch we had a pizza party, with sides of Buffalo chicken dip and broccoli salad. My coworker Deanna even came in on her day off to bring me the Ultimate Coconut Cake from Wegmans, which is the best store-bought cake (and actually one of the best off all types of cakes) that I ever had. It was nice to spend the day surrounded by friends, even if it meant that I had to work to do it.

I even did a bit of shopping for myself on my birthday, on my iPhone, on my lunch break. Oh, technology, I love you so.

Anyway, there is so lead up to this story, of course. For the past couple of weeks, I have been enjoying smoothies on occasion for breakfast. For the most part, my smoothies have consisted of a container of Wegmans plain Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup of unsweetened coconut milk, about a half of a bag of Dole frozen fruit (I like the strawberry, banana, and peach combination best, followed by the strawberry and banana combination), and a big handful of kale. These come out to 3 or 4 P+, and they have enough protein that I am kept pretty satisfied until late morning. I use a blender that I got as a bridal shower gift that came from Target, and it works fine, but I would not do something like add ice cubes to it or anything because I lack confidence in its ability to deal well with the ice cubes.

Several weeks ago, I was with my mom at Wegmans, enjoying some down time after eating lunch, and I decided to take a wander around the store to grab a bottle of seltzer and a snack. My attention was drawn to the produce section, where a man with an ear mic was doing a demonstration of a Vitamix. I had, of course, heard of the Vitamix, but I didn’t think that spending $400+ on a blender was a wise financial decision. I did enjoy an amazing lime and mint smoothie that the demonstrator was whipping up, and I swooned over the power of the motor and the ease of the clean-up and the fact that he didn’t even peel the limes before he threw them into the blender. However, I was 100% sure that I would NOT be buying a Vitamix.

Yesterday, my friend Susan just happened to catch an ad on QVC for “Today’s Special Value,” which by some strange coincidence, was a Vitamix ON MY BIRTHDAY. It was not difficult to convince me that it was a sign, and it only took me about two hours to decide that I needed to buy myself a nice birthday gift, and that is why a shiny new Vitamix (I chose the black base) will be on its way to me, in care of my parents and to their house, sometime this week. I can’t wait to see what the thing can do. I feel sort of sad, however, that I am this excited about a blender.

Today has been less good, as is often the case the day after a big day like a birthday, due to the letdown of the celebration being over. However, I am grateful to the friends that made my day so special, and I was reminded that I was very lucky to work with such wonderful people.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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