I have now slept two nights since we all learned that the glass ceiling was merely cracked this time around but remains to be shattered. The first night, I had a very vivid, rather disturbing dream that I was in some semi-scripted reality show that was a combination of The Amazing RaceThe Real World/Road Rules Challenge, and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, and we who were on the show were being forced to complete obstacles over and over again until we got to the desired result. We also moved further away from the desired result every time we were forced to do a retake. I awoke at 2 AM, sitting straight up when the me in my dream hit the water another time after failing again at one of these retakes. Last night, my dream involved going into the woods and using our wits to secret ourselves away from some violent rebel factions that were preying on refugees so that we could act on these refugees’ behalf and get them away and to safety. A couple of my fellow nurses were involved, as was Olivia Benson (I watched the latest SVU just before turning in last night) and a couple of people with whom I went to high school. It was an odd mix of people. I was not initially welcomed into the group, but through perseverance, I became a part of the movement.

Dreams are often based in something. And if I analyze a bit, I can see that, although I am trying to remain calm and not make this about different political parties and not be divisive in what I post on social media (while still advocating for my beliefs…I don’t think this can only be done through divisiveness), this election is very much affecting me. I cannot and will not pretend not to be disappointed that my candidate didn’t win…that a woman is not going to become the POTUS for the first time in history. I cannot and will not pretend that I do not have serious reservations that the man this country elected is not up to the task. However, I can avoid bashing those who voted differently than I did. That has never been the message to which I wished to lend my voice.

I saw this making the rounds of Twitter and Facebook and thought it included the exact words that needed to be said at the exact time I needed to read and then say them:


My commitment to equality is not diminished because we are going to have a different President than I wanted. My desire to fight for what I consider right has not changed because the President-elect is not the person I chose for the job. To quote Lin-Manuel Miranda, “Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love, cannot be killed or swept aside.” I will always believe that love is stronger than hate. I will always believe that love wins. And if you can’t feel that right now because this is still so new and scary for you, don’t worry. There are plenty of us out here who have enough love to go around and who will hold space for you and wait for you and fight for you and love you.

Having a person in the White House who does not seem to agree with any of the truths that I hold so dear is not the ideal situation. But he is not in charge of what I do with my voice and my actions. So I ask you to remember this:


Today and every day. We belong to each other.


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